Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Own Prince Charming!!!

Alright so no my dream guy still hasn't come, but last night was a late one and after work I spent a little time with a close friend "Mr. Dowden". We talked about how people act towards one another and how some people are so different from others in ways of their relationships, if they even know what a relationship is at all. I myself am a hopeless romantic and am always wondering when my Prince Charming will come if he does at all, but for some reason, how I don't know, I always get stuck with those guys who just quite aren't ready to settle. I think about this a lot and it causes me to be more cautious when choosing my significant other. I've had my fair share of bad relationships just like everybody else and it's sad that because of these bad relationships it causes me to put up a wall where I don't trust many other guys which makes it hard to really meet anyone. I'm still young and know I have much to look forward to in my life, but I can't help wonder when love will find me. If there is anything I learned from this talk with him it is that no matter what you always have to be yourself, and if someone can not accept you that way then they obviously aren't the right person for you. He said something very important that will always stick with me and it is this...

"You teach people how to treat you" ~Shane Dowden

This one quote stuck out to me because it honestly is true. The way you act ultimately does affect the way others treat you and this plays a big role in many relationships, and if your acting yourself then thats all you can do and thats what matters. Hopefully one day I'll meet someone who can treat me how I teach them to haha like I said before I am a hopeless romantic and my biggest dream growing up has always been to have a huge beautiful wedding with all my friends and family there. I even pick up and few Bride magazines on occassion just so I can look at everything inside and read all the stories about people having their version of their perfect wedding and hoping that one day I'll be writing about that day!! As for now I know I make myself happy and I can handle being on my own hopefully in the future this will change, but if not I'll be just fine! :)

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