Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Well You Seee Whatt Happenned Waaaasss....

Well this weekend was definitely a busy one it seemed like all I did was work, but the waffle house both mornings was a big plus..lets just say I think I out ate both people I was with and they were guys so that should say something!!! My days consisted of sleeping on the couch, pizza, football (J E T S Jets jets jets!!!), and beating up on my two favorites Jeff and Shane! Now I just have to get back in the habit of sleeping at night and not during the day (one of the horrible effects of working at a bar).

Anyways I have a new idea!! I've learned that I'm horrible at handling my money (due to the fact that I'm always broke) and decided to make myself a goal that I have to reach by a certain time!! I'm going to keep it posted on my blog so that I am motivated to actually reach my goal and quit spending!! My parents are alwasy having to give me money and I hate the thought of it. I want to be able to buy my own things and keep my spending at a minimum...but due to the fact that I went and bought myself a new Iphone4 today we are going to start this thang tomorrow!!


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