Thursday, February 3, 2011

I do not have an alligator in my backyard!

Everyone knows what the stereotypical person from Louisiana is pictured as right? Hick, real country, kinda dumb, oh and everytime we see our pet alligator we yell Chute em! Well currently I don't have a boat that I drive to school, although I could use one because of this weather, but I saw this video and couldn't help wonder what other people think when they watch it because this guy took it one step further he may not have a boat either but he has a skyjack! Watch enjoy and I swear Louisiana is not all like this, but honestly you couldn't find this anywhere else!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I'm back!!

Ok guys sorry I've been away a while!! With school and work my days have been sooo hectic and I never really get a chance to get online!! BUT I just downloaded a new app on my phone so I can blog all the time now and I'm Super excited!!!

Oh and recently I had a new addition to my wonderful family and his name is Alden!! Here's my new little cousin :)

Today has been a pretty cold one especially for around here my car even had an ice warning!!! I got to go eat lunch with my loves Hailey, Aly, and Lacey today though at school! The Pentecostal center on campus was giving free lunches to students and they were Amazing!!

Oh also I'm going to wrap it up with probably the cutesy moment of my whole day.. This is a little boy that was at the lunch who apparently needed a nap after eating I thought he was just precious!!!