Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Time Shape Up!

Spring time is in the air, and we all know what that means!!!! SWIMSUIT SEASON! I've been working hard to get in shape for this summer and I just got my lastest copy of my new best friend thats been helping me along the way!
I get a lot of the workouts I do in the gym from Shape to get as they say "Tight tush, toned thighs"! If only it were as easy as they make it seem! Mostly I"ve just been running A LOT and already lost over 10 pounds!!! woop woop!!

but i've got to be able to rock my new swim suits!! I already ordered 3 from Victoria's Secret and soooo ready for them to come in. Hopefully they will make it here before the weekend so I can wear them out on the boat!!

Here's a little sneak peek!(this is my favorite!!!)

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